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You can contact me for a free consultation

Most people expect that software and computing systems should solve problems not create them. However anyone who has worked with computing systems know that they often cause more problems than they solve.

I founded my company to help people make software and computing systems that work well, and require as little expense and maintenance as possible.

Why a free consultation?

In order to help you, I need as much information as I can get about your problems, and your systems. Rather than having you pay me to collect this information I offer a free consultation. During the consultation I will try to answer your questions, and gain all the information I need to make an informed recommendation.

My guarantee

My consultation is completely free and will leave you with a comprehensive report in your hand about your problems, and ways to approach solutions. If you hire me to do further work based on my report, I guarantee that you will be satisfied that my services are worthwhile by the end of the first week. If at that time you believe that I am not able to help you, you will owe me nothing.

So go ahead and contact me to talk about your project, and get my free consultation. Take a scientific approach to solving your computing problem.