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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you only work with scientists?

NO. I take a scientific approach to dealing with computer systems. I have a degree in mathematics and computing science, and I believe that my unique skills can help ANYONE with computing problems. I excel in researching your problems, and figuring out the best way to solve them.

Q: What are your Services and their benefits?

See the link to get some idea of how my services can benefit you. If you want fast, efficient, reliable computing systems, with the best usability, that solves the problems you are having, then contact me and let me help you create or use software effectively.

Q: Can you help me with this problem I'm having with...

I can help anyone who has a problem with a computer system, with a networking system, or with a manual task that could be automated, or streamlined.

My business consists of finding the best way to solve problems of all sorts. You can contact me to find out how you can solve your problem quickly, efficiently, and with software that doesn't make your life harder.

I know that I am not always the best person for your task, so I offer a free consultation to discuss your problem, and find the most efficient way to solve it.

The kinds of tasks I can do for you include

As you can see my services apply to anyone from the small business owner, to large corporations, or scientific researchers, my skill is not just "programmer of xyz language on pdq platform" but involves everything from design, analysis, troubleshooting, programming, and communications.

Q: I have office computer problems with Microsoft products. Can you help?

Probably, but I don't do general systems administration such as installing or re-installing windows, or installing and setting up new software or hardware like printers or scanners. These kinds of tasks are best done by people who specialize in systems administration tasks. I can put you in touch with one if you contact me.

The kinds of things I can do for your office computing problems include finding alternatives to software that doesn't work well for you, or analyzing why the software doesn't work, and recommending ways to avoid the problem. I can also create software that automates simple tasks that your office software won't do for you, perhaps formatting text files, or processing images for your web site, or your publications.

If you can consider changing your computer systems, I can help you determine whether your desk-tops or servers can be improved by using one of the free UNIX systems for PCs, like GNU/Linux. These systems can be used together with your Microsoft PC's as a complimentary system. After all when you look in a carpenters tool-box you will see more than just one hammer, why should you only have one kind of computer?

Q: I am programming web sites, data processing software, or business software, do you do contract programming?

It depends on your programming needs. contact me to give me more information and we can discuss your needs. I offer a free consultation either on-site or over the phone whichever is more convenient for you.

I can certainly help you implement software that I help you design. I stand behind all the techniques that I recommend because they work for me. I also love to teach my techniques to others, including your existing software team.

Q: Do you only work with people who develop software?

No, I work with anyone who has a computing task, or who has a manual task that can benefit from streamlining or improved efficiency. If you aren't developing software, perhaps you need to understand how your software works, or create training materials. Perhaps you need to find someone to do your systems administration, but don't know how to choose a qualified company. Perhaps you want to purchase software or computing systems out of the box, but need help selecting them. All of these tasks benefit from my analytical scientific approach.