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Automated Text Processing

If you have mailing lists, financial data, web sites, news items, ticker feeds, genome data, the code of your important custom programs, the complete works of Shakespeare or any other large batch of text, sorting, searching, correcting, and checking it all automatically can save you a lot of work.

UNIX tools and scripting

How to take advantage of standard tools to automate computing tasks. Often this is a more powerful technique than a raft of general purpose programs from Microsoft or others, saving time, money, and effort. And thanks to the Free Software Foundation, and thousands of computer programmers, many of these tools are Free to use.

Language choice

Types of programming languages, and important differences between them.

Little Languages

Create your own computer language, especially for solving your problem! Its easier than you think, but depends on what you want to do.

Scientific and Numerical Computing

In the field of numerical computing where speed and space issues really stand out, is there room for something other than raw FORTRAN or C? Find out a bit about how I can help you with parallel distributed architectures, dynamic languages, and hybrid approaches to high performance or high precision computing.

Biology: a new area of scientific computing

In the past scientific computing has been synonymous with particle physics, astrophysics, fluid dynamics, and other areas where numerical simulations were used. With the advent of digital imaging, and the increasing availability of genomic data, biologists need computer tools to analyze their experiments. What software and techniques are available to them?

Automatically Generated Programs

Let the computer write your program for you.

Free Software: it's not just low cost.

There is a whole world of "free" software out there for you to take advantage of. But free software isn't just about not paying anyone money, it's about your freedom to use the software without restriction, and to modify the software to meet your needs. Often you don't have to start a whole project from scratch to get custom software. This article discusses some of the best free software, and points you towards resources to find out more.

LISP and Scheme

Why use computing languages that were invented in the 1960's? Because they can save you time and money, speed up your software, and make your software ultra-flexible and reliable!

Dealing with file formats

In computing there are many different types of files you may want to extract data from, save data into, or even create from scratch. There are some theoretical and practical tools you can use for handling data formats. Find out how generated code can improve your file processing.